A list of homes for sale in Colleyville, Texas, MLS (as of 1/29/2013)

Colleyville Texas Home

Market Update – Colleyville, TX Real Estate. As of this report, there are currently 133 homes listed as active in Colleyville, Texas Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  90 Days ago there were 184 homes listed as active in Colleyville, Texas Multiple Listing Service (MLS),  that is a reduction of 51 homes, or approximately 38% in available inventory.  150 Days ago there were 216 homes listed as available, that is a reduction of 83 homes, or approximately 62% in available inventory.

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The Grapevine Glockenspiel…Nat Barrett and Willy Majors

The Grapevine Glockenspiel, featuring the Would-Be Train Robbers, is one of the city’s unique attractions. Watch an exciting confrontation every day between larger-than-life mechanical figures.

Nat and Willy

The year is 1890. Nat and Willy are two animatronic characters that emerge from the clock tower in downtown Grapevine, Texas. A discussion, leading to an argument ensues between the two about robbing the incoming Cotton Belt train carrying a large payroll. The argument ends in a gunfight with one of the characters being wounded, and the train never getting robbed.

Nat Barrett
Nat Barrett
– Born on the Grapevine Prairie in 1861, Nat left home at 16 to pursue his dream of earning enough money to buy a cattle ranch. He joined the big cattle drives, and his savings grew— until the drives abruptly stopped because railroads were taking cattle directly to Chicago. Out of work, his savings vanished, Nat plans to snatch the $60,000 cash box from the train headed to the Fort Worth Stockyards auction. The train is scheduled to stop in Grapevine first, and that’s when he will make his move. No one will get hurt and Nat can buy his ranch and never cross the law again.

Willy Majors
Willy Majors
– Willy was born to an itinerant family in 1829. Always a drifter, he bounced around from job to job, always managing to wind up on the shady side of the law. He was involved in riverboat gambling and a few stage coach and train robberies. He joined a gang, but left it because he didn’t want to hurt people—just rob them. Willy heard about the big cash box when he was gambling in Fort Worth and decided to rob the train when it stops in Grapevine. Then, he will head to Galveston and take the first steamer out of there to his new life of respectability.

See the action as these larger-than-life figures emerge just before the clock prepares to strike noon and 6 p.m.

No matter who wins, they learn that train robbery doesn’t pay!