A list of homes for sale in Grapevine, Texas, MLS (as of 2/22/2013)

grapevine texas home for sale

Market Update -Grapevine, TX Real Estate. As of this report, there are currently 60 homes listed as active in Grapevine, Texas, Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  90 Days ago there were 93 homes listed as available, that is a reduction of 33 homes, or approximately 36% in available inventory.  150 Days ago there were 109 homes listed for sale.

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Price Range # of Homes
$0 – 149,999 3
$150,000 – 199,999 7
$200,000 – 249,999 4
$250,000 – 299,999 10
$300,000 – 399,999 23
$400,000 – 100,000,000 13
All Listings 60

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The Best Places To Be…

From:Mary Frances Burleson

Forbes recently published a list of “The 100 Best Places for Business and Careers”

Dallas ranked #8 and
Fort Worth was #15

CNBC recently ranked Texas as “America’s Top State for Business”.

Texas was cited by the nation’s top CEO’s as “the best state in which to do business” for the eighth year in a row according to a recent poll conducted by “Chief Executive Magazine”.

The Ebby Halliday Companies leads the market in the Dallas / Fort Worth and North Texas area, ranking as the largest, most successful independent real estate firm in Texas – year after year – and is clearly THE best place to be for a career in real estate!

Mary Frances